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  I'm Andrew Pulsifer and  I  love swimming  and  all  things  aquatic.  I have been an active swimmer and/or coach for over 40 years, and I thoroughly enjoy coaching at the college and masters level, as well as triathletes, groups and private lessons. 

My desire is to offer stroke clinics  that cater to the needs of each swimmer,  with the bottom-line goal for each person being a more relaxed, efficient and confident swimmer who uses less energy to swim farther, faster. 

Understanding proper balance and stroke mechanics can be instantaneously transforming, but requires many repetitions to create a new, sustainable habit.  I offer feedback that encourages each person to build a better stroke and provide drills that are easy to understand and can be incorporated into the individual's workout everyday.  


 I continue to hone my skills by training, coaching and competing regularly.  I truly enjoy seeing swimmers and athletes make adjustments during our sessions that allow them to move more fluidly ~ more silky-like, with less effort.

If you have an interest in learning how to swim more efficiently, please consider attending one of the clinics you see listed or contact me for other options! 

See you in the water~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~