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Andrew swims Backstroke drills @ Warren Wilson College Pool, Swannanoa, NC, March 2011.

First 50-yds: Single-arm drill with other arm at side. Face looking directly at ceiling. Full hip & shoulder rotation. Ears are under, top of head leads body forward, streamline off flipturns and no air in underwater stroke.

Second 50-yds: Double Arm drill. Notice depth of hands and elbows & palms facing toes at all times once pull starts. Steady kick with legs always locking out & toes pointed.

Third 50-yds: Catch-up drill. forearm and hand are one unit with strong wrist, Eyes/face look at ceiling, Ears under, Legs fairly straight - toes pointed - knees locked on upbeat. Full hip & shoulder rotation! Underwater stroke starts when recovering hand is pointing at ceiling-90degrees.

Fourth 50-yds: Regular Backstroke. Think TALL, head STILL, face UP, legs long! Head and spine are one long-straight unit.  ** Smooth, Easy, Light **  video by Dr. Paul Bartels


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